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An Innovative Platform to measure your brand reputation in social media: LINKED2MEDIA

EU FP7 Linked2Media Project coordinated by TURSAB (Association of Turkish Travel Agencies) was completed successfully by 12 project partners from different European Countries and the final meeting and the workshop were organized on Sep 18-19, 2014 in Istanbul. As a result of the Project, a platform which provides Brand and Market Sector Reputation Analysis by using open linked data exracted from social media has been developed. 28-10-2014


  Digital Agenda Turkey’s Report Launched ... 28-10-2014
  The Digital Agenda Going Local for Turkey Project lead by Digital Turkey Platform was completed successfully by Turkey’s best experts in ICT and the final report was released.

  Free Internet and Governance... 28-10-2014
  This year’s Internet Governance Forum (IGF), the 9th Annual Meeting, was held on Sep 2-5, 2014 in Istanbul. Its main theme was agreed as “Connecting Continents for Enhanced Multi-Stakeholder Internet Governance” and the sub-themes were policies enabling access, content creation, dissemination and use, internet as an engine for growth and development, IGF and the future of the Internet ecosystem, enhancing digital trust, Internet and human rights, critical Internet resources and other emerging issues.

  What is going on in Horizon2020?... 08-08-2014
  The European Commission has launched the new biggest EU funding programme for Research and Innovation, Horizon 2020, and the first calls of the programme were published on Dec 11th, 2013. The first Project proposals have been submitted and some of them were already evaluated. The negotiation process for the participation to the H2020 finalized between the participating countries and the EU finalized. The new calls and some important information days are on the way.

  Open Data Love Never Ends... 08-08-2014
  CitySDK (Smart City Service Development Kit and its applications) Project, the big adventure on open data, had started together with 23 project partners from 8 different EU countries in 2012 and after very successful two years, the final meeting of the Project realized in Helsinki on June 10-11, 2014. This is only the last meeting of the Project, the works on CitySDK and open data will continue by all of the enthusiast partners.

  How Adults Learn Open Innovation ... 23-07-2014
  The OPEN (Open Innovation for Adult Learning) Project ended with a final meeting hosted by Spanish partner Inercia Digital in El Rompido, Spain on June 19-22, 2014.

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