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How can we create a Digital Society?

One of the hot topics of this year’s ICT Summit NOW was about “Evolving towards to Digital Society”. In the Panel moderated by Leyla Arsan, CEO of TAGES, the panelists from different stakeholders in ICT sector discussed the digital society in terms of digital citizenship, rights and law, security and privacy on 23 November 2016 in Istanbul Halic Congress Center. 30-12-2016


  What Turkey Misses: Digital Single Market... 30-12-2016
  One of the biggest and important International ICT Events of Turkey, ICT Summit NOW 2016, brought together many professionals from the business world, public authorities, universities and NGOs in ICT sector on 22-23 November 2016 in Halic Congress Center, Istanbul. Leyla Arsan, CEO of TAGES, gave a speech on “European Digital Single Market and its importance for Turkey” in the section of “IOT and M2M Preparation: Embedded Systems” on the 2nd day of the event.

  Scale-Up for Digital Start-ups... 28-10-2016
  Digital Assembly 2016 was co-organized by European Commission and the Slovak Presidency of the Council of the European Union in Bratislava on 28-29 September 2016. Aslihan Kagnici, Projects Consultant of TAGES and Erdem Gulgener, Board Member of TAGES attended Workshop 1 - Digitising European - Industry boosting Digital Innovation Hubs across Europe and Workshop 5 - Internet of Things and ePrivacy as the representatives of the Digital Turkey Platform.

  Smart City Days Brussels to Istanbul... 21-10-2016
  It was busy days at the end of September’16 on Smart Cities for us. We met European Smart City experts and project creators both in Brussels and in Istanbul.

  3,5 Billion € for ICT ... 20-10-2016
  The European Commission organized the ICT Proposers’ Day in Bratislava on 26-27 September, 2016. Around 2500 participants from all over Europe came together to develop ICT related projects. Aslihan Kagnici, Projects Consultant, and Erdem Gülgener, Board Member of TAGES, also attended this event.

  Let's Build Smart City Projects Together... 01-07-2016
  Smart Cities is an important topic for the EU under the digital economy & society’s smart living topic with environment, energy and mobility. There were two important events for this topic in previous weeks: General Assembly of the European Innovation Partnership on Smart Cities and Communities on 24 May, 2016 in Eindhoven, Netherlands and Smart City Expo Istanbul on 1-3 June, 2016 in Istanbul, Turkey. TAGES also attended these events to participate and share the experience gathered from EU smart city projects.

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