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TAGES is one of the main contributors in BILGI CAGI magazine owned by the Turkish Informatics Foundation which is published monthly with a vision to watch R&D and Innovation processes of Turkey where the target mass is Public organisations, NGOs, private sector, universities and all parties responsible for the R&D and innovation improvement of Turkey.

BILGI CAGI is full of academic and professional articles with success and failure cases, real stories, articles on current issues and suggestions and also on new technologies and R&D studies in Turkey, Europe and worldwide. TAGES contributes for the preparation of the main file with its wide experience.

In each issue, BILGI CAGI takes a different topic such as researchers, innovation, women in science, energy, ICT etc…

BILGI CAGI is published by Konak Medya in collaboration with Turkish Informatics Foundation.

You can access the recent online news and articles, the previous issues and the blogs of the magazine authors including TAGES CEO Leyla Arsan through the following adres:

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