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Project Title


Project Duration

36 months

Start Date

1 October 2006

Funding Authority

European Commission FP6


SME-2 – Collective Research (all areas of science and technology)

Type of Instrument





Consulted IntroSolutions to apply for the project and supported them during the project

management, coordination and reporting activities.

The overall objective of the project is:

Maintenance Associations and SMEs have manifested a need to provide their Field Service Engineers (FSEs) with an affordable, flexible, easy to use, practical system for delivering on-site, remote and timely access to accurate technical data. Current systems are insufficient in terms of data retrieval/management and impractical in field situations- confined spaces, awkward locations or where hands-free operation is safer. The mobile nature of a FSE????????s work also necessitates an effective e-learning be available to SMEs so they can rapidly and remotely train their FSEs on new or modified machinery, parts, etc. This proposal will employ novel intelligent agent-based technology in delivering two SME adapted systems: one for the management and deployment of corporate knowledge (CK), in the form of PDF documents, CAD files, emails, word documents, training videos, etc. and other utility tools (FSE-assistant). An open e-learning system also will be developed by incorporating processes, templates, Web-based tools, to create a flexible and adaptable training program (FSE-master). Both systems will be easy to operate and maintain, easily configurable by SMEs and low cost. Due to growing customer focus on value added and effective service, the competitiveness of over 15,000 European SMEs involved in maintenance and repair of industrial plant, machinery and buildings is hinged on the quality and reliability of the on-site service delivered by their FSEs, as is the competitiveness of EU SME manufacturers of plant, equipment and machinery, who could benefit from an improved after-sales service to enable them to compete against cheaper equipment manufacturers from Asia. SMEs, like their larger competitors, are seeking ways to adopt a knowledge approach and equip their FSEs to become more productive via ready access to user manuals, technical drawings, etc. while on-site. LEs have access to costly tools and elaborate information systems which go far beyond the scope of SME

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