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Girls in Kars Move Ahead

Project Title

Girls in Kars Move Ahead

Project Duration

12 months

Start Date

1 March 2010

Funding Authority

Republic of Turkey Ministry of Treasury and Finance Central Finance and Contracts Unit


The grant program of increasing the schooling of girls

Type of Instrument

Human Resources Development Operational Program IPA IV. component




Consulted KAGIDER to apply for the project and supported them during the project risk and quality management activities.

The overall objective of the project is:

Contributing to the continuation of girls in their secondary school educations in Kars and to enabling their participation in the labour market. The specific objectives of the project are;

Increasing the motivations, vocational skills and competencies of girls enrolled in secondary education, in order to make them to continue to their educations and make them more competent in their future professional life
Contributing to the improvement of the quality of vocational and psychological guidance services in dormitories and schools through developing qualifications, vocational skills, competencies and visions of school teachers and dormitory tutors working in Kars
Contributing to the decrease of gender gap in education by promoting awareness-raising for parents and society on the importance of education for girls.

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