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ICT Valley Feasibility Study

Project Title

ICT Valley Feasibility Study

Project Duration

12 months

Start Date


Funding Authority

The Turkish Ministry of Science, Technology and Industry


Type of Instrument

Feasibility Study




Leyla Arsan, CEO of TAGES, coordinated the study group for the contractor Technobee who worked on the feasibility of the place for the establishment of an ICT Valley in Turkey and offered hub-node model with the best structuring and management model.

The overall objective of the project is:

The aim of the Feasibility Study is to carry out the studies to define the suitable places for the establishment of the ICT Valley in Turkey.

The Ministry of Trade and Commerce has identified the ‘Technical Specifications’ for the feasibility study of the ICT valley. The specifications include 14 milestones starting with the Work Plan. Technical Specifications include the comparative analysis of similar establishments in the world; the current situation of ICT sector; development trends and analysis of expectations both in Turkey and the world; choosing of the suitable areas for ICT Valley, sector specific analysis of the chosen areas; analysis of stakeholders; definition of institutional structure and management model of the ICT Valley; features of physical infrastructure and financing; political precautions, incentives and supports; communication strategy of ICT Valley; critical success factors and risks; monitoring and assessment system; executive summary, evaluation, action plan and suggestions.

After the analysis of the specified criteria, the project team defined the suitable areas for the establishment of the ICT Valley which will strengthen the ICT sector in Turkey and proposed to the Turkish Ministry of Trade and Commerce.

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