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Istanbul Information Society Watchdog Group

Project Title

Istanbul Information Society Watchdog Group

Project Duration

12 months

Start Date

21 July 2011

Funding Authority

Istanbul Development Agency (ISTKA) – Information-oriented Economic Development Financial Programme

Project Coordinator

Turkish Informatics Foundation (TBV)

Project Partners

Sabancı University

Associate Partners

Informatics Industry Association (TUBISAD)




TAGES carried out the project management and coordination activities and designed and implemented the watchdog methodology

The overall objective of the project is;

to ensure the democratization of the processes of establishing R & D and Innovation policies in order to increase the competition in civil society, university and public cooperation in Istanbul, to support the adoption of the European Union acquis and thus to contribute to the socio-economic development in Istanbul.

To achieve this general goal, 3 specific targets are defined. These;

– To develop R & D and Innovation in ICT sector in Istanbul, establish a new, effective, transparent and democratic monitoring mechanism with public establishment, civil society and university cooperation

– Awareness of ICT Competitiveness and Innovation in Istanbul, support and contributing awareness of policy makers and innovation actors (industry, NGO, university)

– Contributing to compliance with EU acquis related on Information Society and Media, Research and Science chapters

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