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Project Title


Project Duration

36 months

Start Date

1 October 2011

Funding Authority

European Union’s FP7 Programme


SME-2011-2 – Research for SME associations

Type of Instrument

Research for SME associations/groupings




Carried out the administrative and financial project management and coordination activities and consulted TURSAB (Association of Turkish Travel Agencies) for preparing and coordinating the pilot implementations. Leyla Arsan, CEO of TAGES, coordinated the project.

The overall objective of the project is:

The vision of the proposed Linked2Media project is to tap into the vast user-generated content and interpret information posted on blogs, social networks and social media in Europe and beyond, ensuring that the European Commercial and Industrial SMEs will have homogenized access to the globally available online, social media information and data resources needed to perform, on their own, corporate brand reputation management and market sector repute analysis. In this way, the Linked2Media initiative facilitates European SMEs to listen to customers, prospects and social media, but, more importantly, to identify trends and gain insights to improve their overall marketing strategy and return of investment.
The 36-month Linked2Media project will result, through its deliverables (both reports and prototypes), in:
R1. the open, generic Linked2Media Framework and Conceptual Architecture (WP2);
R2. the innovative Linked2Media Platform (WP7).
R3. highly sophisticated Brand Reputation Management and Marketing Strategy (WP3);
R4. the Linked2Media Semantic Model (WP2);
P5. the Linked2Media Business Demonstrator (WP8);
R6. the Linked2Media Roadmap and Handbook;
R7. Wide‐scale dissemination and exploitation of the project results to the European commercial, retail and industrial SMEs through the formulation of a multinational consortium with direct and indirect presence in the Enlarged Europe.

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