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Project Title

OKUYAY (Platform for Dissemination of Reading Culture)

Project Duration

24 months

Start Date

15 January 2019

Funding Authority

Pre-Accession Assistance-II (IPA II) 2014 programming for Turkey

Tender Name

CSO Partnerships and Networks on Strengthening Cooperation Between Public Sector and CSOs Grant Scheme (CSPN)

Tender Reference No:





Consulted Turkish Publishers Association for the financial management of the Project and Aslihan Kagnici, Projects Consultant of TAGES, carried out the administrative and financial project management and relations with the contracting authority, project partners and subcontractors; managed and coordinated the preparation and submission of the financial reports required by the contracting authority.

OKUYAY Platform was founded within the Grant Scheme for Partnerships and Networks of Civil Society Sector by the Turkish Publishers Association, it undertakes the dissemination of reading culture within Turkey as one of its study topics.

It aims to spread the best practices of Europe and Turkey to the general public of Turkey, by supporting the CSOs, activists, and volunteers who work to promote a reading culture.

The principles of the OKUYAY Platform during its establishment and project design phase can be summarised as follows:

1- To conduct an NGO mapping which has not been done before as a requirement for conducting activities in Turkey in the area of reading culture, and to identify civil initiatives, and to carry out a nationwide reading culture research study (that was done 8 years prior to the start date of the project and has not been repeated since). To carry out a baseline study with these studies before starting the activities.

2- Creating a network under the roof of the platform in line with its partners, affiliates, and own experience and knowledge, creating a shared awareness, providing the opportunity to share knowledge and experience.

3- Carrying out capacity building activities of NGOs and civil initiatives that are included in the network or with whom we will work with.

4- In addition to sharing experience, knowledge, and guidance in pilot project activities, ensuring the establishment of examples of best practices regarding the provision of financial support in Turkey.

5- With an appropriate and comprehensive communication strategy, disseminate all its activities to as many people as possible.

The journey of OKUYAY Platform which started in February 2019, has opened the door to a new era in the dissemination of the reading culture in Turkey by reaching millions of people with its strong partners, a professional team of 7 and the motto “Reading Creates the Future” through the methods that are described in the other parts of this guide.

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