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RAPID 3D model of Dudullu Metro Station

Project type

NEW EUROPEAN BAUHAUS-Urban Mobility Innovation


1 August 2021 - 31 December 2021


Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM)

The Istanbul Mobility Lab within Dudullu metro station specialises in the theme of future mobility to design and create solutions to the city’s existing transportation and mobility problems for citizens and entrepreneurs. The Dudullu metro station fitted well to the RAPID 3D model project because the 3D model of the station and the Mobility Lab have been live since 2021, just before the official opening of the metro station.

The City of Istanbul has done important work regarding citizen behavioural profiles to reflect the diverse communities across the city. Based on these citizen behaviour profiles, avatars were created to simulate moving through the digital space. The vision and the strategy of the model aligned to the local settings and linked real-life citizen profiles and their needs to the project in an inclusive, democratic and open perspective. There was an iterative process for identifying these characteristics which was valuable to help identify potential blockages or “pinch points” and give opportunities to use this for citizen engagement. Under-represented groups such as people with accessibility problems, people with different transportation preferences, women with children, people with disabilities, urban refugees, and others were represented in the 3D visual imagery and supplemented with subtitles in different languages.

A promotional Video was created to engage different stakeholder groups in the Mobility Lab within Dudullu metro station in colalboration with PixelMillDigital, UK where TAGES took a coordination role.

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