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TİAD Voc-Test Center

Project Title

TİAD Voc-Test Center

Project Duration

24 months

Start Date

22 March 2011

Funding Authority

Republic of Turkey Ministry of Treasury and Finance Central Finance and Contracts Unit


VOC-TEST Centres Grant Scheme

Type of Instrument




Consulted TIAD to apply for the project and Leyla Arsan, CEO of TAGES, coordinated the project.

The overall objective of the project is:

Testing and certifying the required and sufficient knowledge, skills, attitude, manner and competence of persons who had vocational and technical education and training in the “Repair and installation of machinery and equipment” field under National Qualifications System (NQS) and in line with European Qualifications Framework (EQF) and contributing to their employment as qualified personnel. The specific objectives of the project are;

-Development of the national occupational standards under 3 occupations in the field of repair and installation of machine tools and development of vocational qualifications in line with European Qualifications Framework (EQF);
-Setting of a theoretical and practical test system in line with the National Qualifications System (NQS) and a sustainable certification system on the basis of developed occupational standards and vocational qualifications.

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