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Project Title


Project Duration

36 months

Start Date

1 May 2004

Funding Authority

European Commission FP6


FOOD – Food quality and safety

Type of Instrument

Specific Support Action




Subcontracted in the project.

The overall objective of the project is:

TR-ACCESS aims to provide an efficient climate supporting stimulation, encouragement and facilitation of widespread participation of Turkish institutions to FP6 projects. In particular the project will:
Set up a network of information multipliers covering the country;
Support industrial participation, especially from SMEs;
Bring distributed resources of research together;
Present workprogrammes.
The activities towards achieving these goals will include:
Provision of electronic services;
Publication of a quarterly newsletter;
Distribution of information and training material;
Organization of coordination meetings;
Organization of information days;
Provision of external expertise;
Organization of workshops;
Performing technology audits;
Organization of thematic conferences;
Mobility grants;
Organization of national information events.
The targets of the project are:
Networking 250 Institutional Contact Points (ICPs);
Reaching 2500 SMEs for 100 SME participation in FP6 projects;
Forming 5 thematic networks in thematic areas and facilitating 100 man-months of exchange of researchers.

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