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Project Title

VERITAS (Virtual Enterprises for Integrated Industrial Solutions)

Project Duration

18 months

Start Date

01 July 2004

Funding Authority

European Commission FP6


Type of Instrument

Specific Support Action



VERITAS overall objective was to increase the dynamics of European Industrial Enterprises by transforming them, where appropriate and possible, to more agile and re-active companies that use the Virtual Enterprise concept in a manageable and effective way. The goal was to help manufacturing companies with high production-related costs to understand and implement the concept of virtual enterprise, enabled through smart organisation and process restructuring and supported by the use of Information Technology, cross-organisation Work Management solutions in particular.

VERITAS produced an agility evaluation method for companies to test the potential applicability of the VERITAS concept to their organisations and an implementation guide, which provided step-by-step instructions for forming a virtual enterprise. A multilingual portal solution was set-up and implemented to reach the target industrial organisations on a large scale. The portal enabled the target companies to learn about, understand, test and implement the VERITAS concept, supported by interactive tools.

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