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Project Title

CitySDK (Smart City Service Development Kit and its application Pilots)

Project Duration

30 months

Start Date

01 January 2012

Funding Authority

ICT Policy Support Programme (PSP) as part of the Competitiveness and Innovation Framework Programme (CIP)


Pilot B

Type of Instrument




– Carrying out the coordination and management of the Istanbul Replication Pilot in mobility domain

– Organizing developer engagement activities such as Hackathons which are SME-developer oriented events that include training of specific technological aspect (CitySDK), demonstrations of business value (peer-SMEs, case examples), building prototypes together and meeting and competing with the other developers.

– Organizing business events in Istanbul to provide opportunities for the local SME communities to be active in understanding the market place being created around open data services and products and enabling better exploitation within their local and Europe-wide markets.

– Dissemination of project results and Istanbul City Pilot Activities both in Turkey and in Europe.

The strategic project objective is:

To create a Smart City Application Ecosystem through large-scale demand-driven City Pilots that package and align key smart city application areas to an open source service developer toolkit.

The operational project objectives are:

To have a large number of end-users in cross-border Pilots employing the open CitySDK,
To use innovative and effective citizen involvement in the open co-innovation, co-design and colocalisation processes, and
To engage a large number of new developers, especially SMEs, to further exploit the CitySDK and the Pilot infrastructures far beyond the actual Pilot use-cases.

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