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Project Title

DIGITgame (Digital Improvement by Game in Teaching)

Project Duration

24 months

Start Date

31 December 2017

Funding Authority

Erasmus + Programme of the European Union


Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices

Type of Instrument

Strategic Partnerships for school education




TAGES is the dissemination and exploitation leader of the project and responsible for identifiying the dissemination and exploitation strategies and managing the dissemination activities.

DIGITgame Project is designed to develop STEM, ecological, ICT and digital skills of young students through the playful video games in smart city concept and to make them more creative, innovative, competent and enthusiastic students on science. DIGITgame:

-analyzes the attitudes and skills around science and ecology of educators and students
-designs and develops lessons on basic science subjects: climate dynamics, changes and evolutions; plants physiology and ecological role
-engages students (driven by their teachers) in designing, developing and playing videogames
-shares the attractive and motivating learning strategy and the best practices on high quality skills improvement

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