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Project Title

Open Innovation in Adult Learning Course (OPEN)

Project Duration

24 months

Start Date

September 2012

Funding Authority

European Commission-Lifelong Learning Programme-Grundtvig


Type of Instrument





– To find good business practices in relation to digital and open innovation on adult training in Turkey

– To study and contribute to the teaching methodology used in Turkey and in relation to the digital and open innovation in the aldult trainning

– To contribute in the project’s results by creating a micro-site with the results of the Project: Learning Guide, Design methodology and Good Practice Guide

– To disseminate the project’s results at local, regional and national levels.

The overall objective of this partnership is the development of an educational guide of a complete course for lifelong learning based on good business practices, called « OPEN INNOVATION IN ADULT LEARNING». The proposed course will be the outcome of the combination of methodologies deriving from the multidisciplinary approach of the members of the partnership as well as from the experience gained during the teaching in the various participating countries. More specifically the course will be developed on the basis of four thematic areas:

1st: 2.0 Collaborative work and tools.

2nd: Open innovation and knowledge transfer in the adult learning

3rd: Digital Marketing and Web 2.0 promotion

4th: E-business and digital entrepreneurship for adult people

The end result will consist of a tutorial entitled “Open Innovation in adult learning” as the main deliverable, especially designed for adult training. The tutorial will provide to the participants the necessary tools to successfully address and manage innovation in the adult learning, and to understand and make use of all national and European technical knowledge that is relevant and critical to their business environment. Finally, the course will be additionally supported by tutorials on good businesses practices.

The objectives of the Learning Guide are can be summarised below:

* Establishing a set of harmonized methodologies for the design of training plans

* Joint design of the foundation, course objectives and contents, all organised in training modules and learning units of training for the Open Innovation en the adult leraning.

* Designing of an agreed methodology, timing, resources and course evaluation system.

* Joint development of a Guide of Good Practices in teaching digital and open innovation in the adult learning.

Project Outputs
– A harmonized teaching methodology on course design
– A Learning Guide
– A Good Practices Guide

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