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39 Plastic Revaluation Ideas in Istanbul

53 People created 39 ideas for Plastic revaluation by experimenting 3942 Tokens on June 12, 2019 in a workshop under the name PlasticTwISTanbul within the PlasticTwist project funded by the European funding program Horizon2020 which was held in TAK Kadıköy Istanbul, organised by TAGES with the contribution of Kadikoy Municipality. PlasticTwISTanbul was an experimenting workshop on innovative (Blockchain and Token-based) marketplace and business model to engage with the material plastic and its reuse in a circular economy. The aim of this workshop was to revalue recycled plastic using blockchain technology while supporting and empowering citizens whether they’re entrepreneurs, innovators, inventors, etc. in co-creating and sustaining new forms of plastic as-an-asset practices, it is all about bringing people from different companies and different backgrounds all together to support exchanging ideas over plastic in our society.

We opened up this event by registering our participants and making sure of everyone’s attendance before the start of the workshop, as well as welcoming our guests with simit and çay. Afterwards, we had the CEO of TAGES Leyla Arsan presentation; a good morning message where she explained to the participants the main motivation of this workshop and the purpose everyone is here for, dropping a few encouraging words for the participants. Following up was the speaker Tolga Yucel, a communications manager at WWF-Turkiye, where he presented about the measures on plastics that should be taken including “reuse and revalue”, and a short summary of the plastic pollution by accountability via the WWF Report namely; Solving the Plastic Pollution by The Accountability.

Boosting up the workshop, we divided the audience into 6 groups named in different plastic types: PET, HDPE, PVC, LDPE, PP, PS where we asked them to share with us a short plastic story, as well as a re-bottle idea/solution. Where each member wrote their idea/story, ending up with 26 short stories, and 18 Re-bottle challenges and each group picked the best one and presented it as theirs.

Followed by a plastic workshop prepared and organized by Julie Harboe a senior researcher at HSLU where she held a re-button activity where participants had the opportunity to get to know plastic hands-on as a material and resource, where steps were explained over how to use a plastic bottle’s cap in order to create something of an everyday use, such as buttons!

Followed by a speech about blockchain and token experimentation in supply chain of the recycling sector given by Mirko Koscina, a research manager at Almerys, where he highlighted the interesting characteristic of blockchain that enables us to implement a new economic ecosystem as well as show us how it contributes with recycling and reusing applications over the years.

Ending it with an idea and value creation workshop where we also had 6 groups and 3 sectors: Food/Beverage & Packaging, Production & Manufacturing, and Public. Using Tokenomics and Blockchain concepts, we had different groups providing us with 6 new business ideas, or innovating an already existing one. Then each group created 1 innovative idea by applying; PlasticTwist digital platform, PlasticTwist marketplace, Blockchain and/or Token system and imagined a possible circular business model for this specific sector while also focusing on “Reduce-Recycle-Reuse-Revalue” and filled the Idea on the Value Canvas. At the end of the session, all participants made a circle by expressing their dreams about his/her future in 2030 by circle harvesting method. All of which was moderated by Pinar Oncel, A Sustainability and Design Consultant.

This workshop has been useful in so many ways, as it has given us new ideas, new desires, and a whole lot of motivation to start working on brainstorming innovative ways to protect and make use of our environment. It has been a pleasure having everyone join and we hope to see you all in future events!



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