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Blockchain: Technology Transforming Industries Book Published!

Book titled "Blockchain: Technology Transforming Industries" published by Istanbul Blockchain Women Association in collaboration with Scala Yayıncılık and co-written by the distinguished experts, academicians who are members of the Istanbul Blcokchain Women Association where their valuable and insightful articles included and the book was presented in the Tüyap Book Fair on November 4th, 2023 as a book signing day event. The article that was lead by Prof. Patricia Wolf at Southern University of Denmark with ethe contribution of CEO of TAGES Leyla Arsan and other researchers (Julie Harboe Manon van Leeuwen Urs Gaudenz Catherine Rothbarth Chris Obrist) in ‘Creativity and Innovation Management Journal’ which was published at Wiley Journal with the heading: Non‐Governmental Organizations and Universities as Transition Intermediaries in Sustainability Transformations Building on Grassroots Initiatives and took the Top Cited Article in 2021 label is also included in this book as a result of the PlasticTwist EU funded innovation project on the revaluation of plastic by reward tokens on a blockhain platform.

The book contains valuable articles of the following experts on the academic aspects of the implementations of Blcokchain technology on various industries:

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