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GLASS ends but digital identity wallets start

Significant milestone was marked on November 28-29, 2023 as the Glass Project ( )concluded its last plenary meeting at the Hellenic Ministry of Digital Governance in Athens. We are thrilled to announce that we are now one step closer to the final submission to the Horizon Europe evaluation process. 🌍

TAGES CEO Leyla Arsan participated at this final plenary meeting and TAGES team is very excited on creating the sustainable business plan of GLASS which will create new collaborations for next innovation projects on the implementation of self-sovereign digital identity wallets in cross-border e-government services for the citizens. Digital Europe and Horizon Europe innovation projects are in the next door.


With the EIDAS European Digital Identity legislation that came into force last week, decentralised digital identity wallets where the citizen controls their own data and the infrastructures in which they will operate are now open and will be put into use rapidly. we, as TAGES RDI, are proud to have contributed to the R&D and innovation plan of this work and to bring this know-how to our country. we would like to inform you that we are open to cooperation in applications and projects to be developed in this field.

After three years of unwavering dedication and hard work, all final decisions have been made, and our consortium of partners is collaborating seamlessly to showcase the remarkable results achieved by the Glass Project.

A heartfelt thank you to all our partners who have contributed their expertise, time, and efforts throughout this incredible journey. We are hopeful and excited about the future of Glass, anticipating its continued #impact on the landscape of digital governance.

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