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EU RDI Funding Training Completed at Innova Ankara Office

TAGES team; Leyla Arsan CEO of TAGES and Eda Telli Projects Expert provided a two days training at Innova premises in ODTÜ Teknokent, Ankara between 13-14 December 2023 on EU Funding Functioning for R&D and Innovation projects and its Follow-Up.

The training provides insightful information on understanding the European Union mechanisms, procedures, strategies and policies in which funding programmes are designed accordingly. Moreover, the fucntioning of various European Community programmes on &D and Innovation; mainly Horizon Europe Programme which is the biggest R&D and Innovation Funding Programme in the world. Innova professionals learned how to access to those fundings, information on previous projects and best practices and practical information on following the call for proposals, applying to the calls and how create collaborations and consortiums.

TAGES has an extensive experience and knowledge in EU funding programmes since 2002 as being the first consulting company on R&D and innovation EU funds starting with the Framework Programme 6, 7 and Horizon 2020 and now in Horizon Europe. TAGES team is experienced in taking R&D and innovation expert roles in the projects where TAGES is partner or coordination and management roles. TAGES has a wide network in Europe and active in European Commission where Leyla Arsan the CEO works also as an expert in the European Commission for the project evaluations and review. 

TAGES provided its experience and knowledge not only in EU funding but also in ICT with its consultants having 35 years of ICT industry experience and 22 years experience in ICT based EU projects. TAGES besides its previous projects that are completed, currently is partner of GLASS ( and Circular PSP ( projects and active in BDVA, NESSI, ODI, EFFRA platforms.

Consequently, Innova participants get a blended information of ICT and EU funding which boosts current knowledge and advance into new horizons of following up funding opportunities for benefit of INNOVA as an ICT company. At this stage TAGES is proud of being in such an organisation and sharing its knowledge with such distinguished professionals.

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