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Exploring Tomorrow's Cities

Smart City Expo World Congress took place in Barcelona on November 7-9, 2023. The expo is the world’s biggest and most influential event for cities and urban innovation that brings together technology providers, opportunities, mobility solutions, artificial intelligence, low carbon transformation, sustainability, metaverse concepts within the scope of smart cities. TAGES vice chairperson Erdem Gülgener and project expert Eda Telli Yamamoto was there to get together with many experts to be inspired, share experience and knowledge, and strive for innovation and network.

The expo hosted more than 600 speakers, 800 cities and 140 countries. Industry executives, entrepreneurs, public officials, institutions, experts and academia met in Barcelona to discuss the evolution of urbanism.

Circular economy is one of the main topics discussed in the future of smart cities and as TAGES, we had fruitful discussions about our project CircularPSP (Public Service Platforms for Circular, Innovative and Resilient Municipalities through PCP) with the various city representatives in the expo. Also made introductions to technology companies and system integrators that we think will benefit from participating in the tender which is a multi-stage pre-commercial procurement (PCP) procedure. The project is seeking proposals for the development of an innovative Circular Economy solution that empowers municipal staff and local enterprises to embrace circular practices.

CircularPSP brings together 8 leading Circular Economy (CE) cities, representing 45 million citizens, to invest €5.64 million in R&D to tackle the common challenge of accelerating the transition towards CE. The procurers represent Europe (DE, FI, TR, SE, IE, PT, SI and UK), including capitals with global influence (Berlin, Helsinki, London and Istanbul).

For more information about the project: Project website, Newsletter, LinkedIn or Mastadon.

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