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Open Data as a Collective Power for Disasters

TBD (Turkish Informatics Association) Istanbul Branch organised the 17th Istanbul Informatics Congress and held at Kadir Has University on December 18th, 2023 with the theme of "The Rise of Human Creativity with Productive Artificial Intelligence".

Istanbul Informatics Congress, which organises every year with a visionary and distinctive theme and which is a brand, had a great interest from the audience and industry. The aim of the congress is to explain how technology and human potential can produce fascinating results when they come together, to point out that artificial intelligence can not only automate simple tasks, but also expand and deepen people's creative abilities, to emphasise that technology does not limit our creativity, on the contrary, it supports it and carries it to new horizons. This unity enabled the emergence of new, innovative and unexpected solutions both in the world of informatics and in other disciplines, which will guide the contribution to smart cities, SMEs, society and the national economy.

In the Disaster Informatics Panel, Prof. Dr. Gonca Telli Yamamoto was the moderator and the speackers; Board Member of TBD Istanbul Branch, Ilhami Aydin, Deputy Head of the Department of Fighting Forest Fires of OGM, Dr. Hüseyin Hamdi ERGÜN, Advisor to the Mayor of Balıkesir Metropolitan Municipality, Leyla Arsan, CEO of TAGES RDI, Prof. Dr. Vahap TECİM, Head of the Department of Management Information Systems, Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences, Dokuz Eylül Univ. Prof. Dr Zafer Bozyer presented their research results, aspects, projects and ideas.


Leyla Arsan, CEO of TAGES emphasized the importance of the Open Data and its share during disaster and after math as the recovery. She shared best practices on the real world applications and examples on how people stand in solidarity during the devasted earthquake happened in Turkiye on February 6th, 2023 where realtime data shared and critically needed for the emergency actions like saving people’s lives and searching. She said that the whatsapp and social media messages created crucially important open data in which not only real time but also for aftermath and for the strategies and planning of salvage ways and methos the possible next earthquake which is terribly expected in Istanbul metrolopolitan. She gave examples on the online platforms developed by the young developers at the time of the earthquake and how it was effective and beneficial for saving lives. She strongly believe in creating such a solidarity community as it was done during the earthquake on cretaing pariticipative open data, including open developers network.

She completed her speech with a motto: “Data is power but Open Data is Collective Power”.


The panels of the Congress were:

Special Session - Main Sponsor

Smart Cities Istanbul's Technology Vision

Production of Autonomous Vehicles and Business Applications in Turkey: Autonomous Startups

Industry and Artificial Intelligence

Disaster Informatics

Creative Thinking Methods in the Digital Age

Smart Transport Solutions with Big Data Management

Fintech 101 - Financial Technologies


You can access to the Program: at this link:

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