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Policy for the Cross-border Self-Sovereign Digital Identity Wallets

TAGES RDI team; Leyla Arsan CEO of TAGES, Eda Telli Project Expert of TAGES and Prof Dr Gonca Telli advisor for TAGES actively participated in the GLASS (  Project Policy Workshop hosted by the University of Patras the scientific coordinator of the project on October 5th, 2023.

A crucial roundtable gathering that delved into the far-reaching effects and importance of our groundbreaking hashtag#demonstrations, encompassing both physical and digital realms.


At this #workshop, it was explored how the GLASS Project is shaping the landscape of eGovernance through real-world demonstrations where GLASS team is committed to revolutionizing the relationship between hashtag#citizens and hashtag#governments, and these demonstrators are the embodiment of their vision.


During this event, valuable insights were shared and delved into the areas where GLASS and Digital Credentials For Europe intersect and find common ground. DC4EU stands as a steadfast pillar of support for both public and private sectors within the educational and social security domains. It achieves this by facilitating the deployment and utilization of cutting-edge trans-European interoperable digital service infrastructures, all integrated within a robust cross-border trust framework. Key Highlights came out during the workshop are as follows:

✨ Demonstration Overview and Current Status:

A comparative assessment of the current status to the foreseen advantages of e-gov services and GLASS. The session provided valuable insights into the potential transformative power of GLASS.

🌍 Demonstrations Insights:

Demonstration #1 - Alice goes to Portugal:Lead by the Hellenic Ministry of Digital Governance, this session delved into the current approach and findings, paving the way for the Glass-driven change.

Demonstration #2 - Konstantinos visits Istanbul:Lead by Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, insights into the current approach and findings, setting the stage for impactful advancements.

Demonstration #3 - Helin finds a job abroad:Lead by the Portugal Ministry of Justice, an exploration of the current approach and findings, highlighting GLASS's role in minimizing steps, time, and procedures.

🔍 Data Minimization and Efficiency:

An emphasis on how GLASS minimizes data, steps, and time in bureaucratic processes, contributing to streamlined governance.

🤝 DC4EU Project Collaboration:

An insightful presentation on the Digital Credentials For Europe project, exploring commonalities and synergies with GLASS.

🔄 Policy Roundtable and Comparative Assessment:

The workshop concluded with a robust #roundtable, offering findings and proposals toward a comparative assessment of current e-gov services and GLASS's envisioned advantages.

Stay connected with us to stay updated on the latest outcomes of Glass.

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