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TAGES in Action for Digital Europe Participation

TAGES Team is again in action!

TAGES CEO Leyla Arsan, TAGES partner and Ankara Coordinator Hikmet Barutcu and TAGES Project Expert Eda Telli visited the EU Community Programmes Department Directoriate of the EU Presidency under the Ministry of International Relations and meet Zelal Şen the Director and  İpek Çiçekdağ Ayhan. During the visit, they shared mutual interest in the participation of Türkiye in the European Community Programmes, the challenges and how to overcome these challenges. It was agreed on the collaboration with TAGES’s extensive experience in these programmes especially in Horizon Europe since 2002 starting with Framework Programme 6 ,7 and Horizon 2020 and the application policies and powerful lead of the administration could bring more funds and increase the applications of Turkish organizations. At this respect, TAGES emphasized the importance of the Turkish ICT SMEs participation in the Digital Europe Programme which gives wide range of opportunities to the ICT industry and other industries in digitalization. Both teams discussed on how to overcome the challenges in the participation of the SMEs and other organisation in Digital Europe programme.

The meeting was frutiful  where it showed the open approach of the Public Organisations and willingness in the collaboration with the private sector.

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