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TAGES pledges to training 1 million deep tech talents in Europe by 2025

TAGES is happy to announce a new partnership with the EIT Deep Tech Talent Initiative, a pioneering programme that is skilling one million people within European deep tech fields by 2025. TAGES has signed a pledge to contribute to the EIT Deep Tech Talent Initiative by training 600 deep tech talents with 50% women in line with its mission: to play a pioneering and collaborative role in green and digital innovations that will provide know-how and technology ownership at the global level, create a leverage effect for innovative companies, and provide Start-Ups, Scale-Ups, industry, universities, local governments, public institutions, and SMEs with a competitive advantage.


Deep tech innovations –cutting edge technological solutions combining fields of science and engineering in the physical, biological, and digital spheres – are indispensable in addressing the most pressing global challenges. However, Europe lacks the talent and skilled labour force necessary to properly leverage the new technologies to enable its green and digital transition. The EIT aims to address this gap, in line with the European Commission’s New European Innovation Agenda, by developing a strong deep tech pool across Europe.


To address the mission of training one million individuals in deep tech before 2025, the EIT launched the “Pledge for Deep Tech Talents”, which is a vehicle for partners and sponsors to contribute to the development and delivery of the initiative’s courses and training. The Pledge gathers public and private organisations, industry representatives and champions, academic partners, education providers, and Member States in support of the aim of the initiative.


TAGES as the 217th Pledger of the initiative will contribute to achieving the goal of training one million talents in deep tech fields by partnering up with Edinburgh Napier University and Istanbul Blockchain Women Association with the purpose of training at least 300 female learners and 600 in total in areas of cryptography, blockchain, AI and Cybersecurity, and future cryptography, and is committed to continually attracting and developing talent to engage more people every year by ensuring a steady flow of talented professionals ready to tackle the challenges and opportunities in the deep tech industry. This sustained effort will equip a diverse and talented workforce to lead and innovate in the digital age.


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